Let's co-create together!

Love, you're here for a reason. Your soul and mine have a contract that we are meant to fulfill in this lifetime.

Let's explore how I can best support you on your journey to unleashing your power and stepping into your role as a conscious leader!

The Soul Mission 

Now is the time for you to fully Embody your bigger Soul Mission, step into Sacred Leadership and experience the purpose, impact & income you know you're meant to have. 


You are a high-level visionary leader who is here to change the world. You already know what your gifts are, yet you feel blocked, like you aren't able to actually access your fullest potential.

You're seeking a powerfully intuitive mentor who will lovingly speak the truth that your soul needs to hear, so that you can shatter your old, limiting paradigms, and create quantum leaps in your life, impact,  and business. 

Together in a 12 month VIP container, Niki will intuitively guide you to release the old stories, rewire your mindset, and activate your fullest potential so that  you can  truly step into your role as the Visionary Leader you came here to be. 

This is an intensive year long process that includes 3 VIP 1:1 Elemental Retreats, designed around your needs and personal expansion journey. During these retreat experiences, we will immerse ourselves in nature and use the Five Elements as a the entry point for accessing deeper states of consciousness to bring out the innate leader within you. We will also be using the a variety of sacred Plant Medicines to support the journey.

In addition to the 3 VIP retreats you will receive two coaching calls per month with voxer support in between.

The investment for this program is $45,000. 

Dive deep into a year long journey to become the soul-aligned leader your here to be

Private Leadership Coaching




A 6- month, high-touch coaching container that brings together personalized 1:1 coaching with the power of an intimate community of like-minded visionaries.

The Soul Mission Mastermind provides YOU with the framework, coaching, accountability and tools to guide you in embodying your role as a leader and while creating the income & impact you're here to make!

The program begins September 2019!

client love

“I created $9,000 worth of contracts from 2 conversations, this in only one month of working together!”

I loved working with Niki! I learned so many mindset tricks and techniques that I will continue to use over and over. I recommend working with her 110%! BTW I created $9,000 worth of contracts from 2 conversations, this in only one month of working together!! Thank you Niki!

- Erin Fritts - Mindset Coach -

client love

"Niki is unwavering in her convictions, beautifully intuitive, supportive with full heart and fierce fire, down-to-earth and refreshingly real, and has powerful coaching methods that are invaluable!"

I have gained so much insight about myself, my beliefs and how I'm choosing to be living to be on a higher vibration that I desire. This is shifting who I am within myself and who I'm being in this world, and bringing me to another level in being a masterful coach to be in beautiful service to others. She has helped me to finally realize I can have and be more in my life by shifting my beliefs and thoughts, and stepping into this and doing inner work has been phenomenal and life-changing for me, and it has brought me farther in my personal journey than I ever have been before. 

- Julie Raborn - Holistic Life & Health Coach -

client love

"Niki is a wildly intuitive, high vibe, high serving kind of coach. She lit a fire under me that continues to burn and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to work with her."

I started working with Niki in June and WOW do I feel like a new and improved me! Niki offered unwavering support and insight during my transition/leap from corporate to solopreneur. Everything I had hoped to achieve by working with her happened...and more. I went from being afraid and scripted in my online videos to doing them consistently and from the heart. I went from being unclear in my offering and programs to CLEAR; and her patience as I stumbled was always encouraging and empowering. 

- Stephanie Hess - Business & Mindset Coach -




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