Spiritual & Earthy Goodness

~ A personal journal entry from February 2015 I want to be with a man who can give me space and who knows when to give me attention. Who encourages me to keep cultivating myself and who wants to create a shared reality with me. This man will also be on a spiritual journey and […]

Spiritual & Earthy Goodness

Manifesting Love

{Sunday Reflection} Do you realize that abundance is your natural state? Just like nature, there is a fluidity and a trustful grace that exists for you. I invite you to notice, where are you resisting the ease and flow that is your birthright? In each moment you have an opportunity to invite in more of […]

Spiritual & Earthy Goodness

Do You Realize That Abundance Is Your Natural State?

On the outside you play the role of the good girl and try so hard to make sure everybody likes you…your mother, your partner, your girlfriends, your kids, your kids friends parents, your customers, the woman at the grocery store.. you name em, and you’ll try to please them. You wake up and put on […]

Spiritual & Earthy Goodness

You’ve Got This DIRTY SECRET You Don’t Want Anybody To Know About.

They are hiding the TRUTH of who you really from you. The illusions you believe to be true must be hunted down and destroyed in order for you to live a FREE and ABUNDANT life. I am the hunter of truth. I seek it out within you, find its hiding place and call it forth […]

Spiritual & Earthy Goodness

The Shackles Of Fear And Illusion Are What Have Kept You Stuck, Playing Small.




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