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The truth: nothing at all. The ONLY thing that separates them from you is their unwavering commitment to take action and follow the calling of the SOUL (ie their soul’s truth) in spite of ALL THE WAYS THEIR FEAR WAS TELLING THEM NOT TO MOVE FORWARD! You see, all of those teachers who you love […]

Conscious Lifestyle Design

What’s The Difference Between Oprah/Deepak Chopra/Gabby Bernstein/Tony Robbins and YOU?!

And the reason why I’m saying it is because you need a permission slip to claim it. You want a life that turns on your soul AND fills up your bank account. You want your business to grow and your soul to expand, simultaneously. You want your impact to reach millions and make millions. In […]

Conscious Lifestyle Design

I know exactly what it is that you want more than anything

– Alive/Joyful/Blissful – Connected to yourself – Turned on – Tapped in – In total flow – Complete trust in your own inner guidance – Sexy – Magnetic – Connected to spirit – Connected to the earth – Effortless – Clients waiting to work with you – Feeling like everything is easy You can see […]

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I Know How You Desire To Feel Most In Your Life & Biz