Hola! I'm Nicole

I’m so glad we get to walk this journey together and consciously co-create our realities.  These days I’m pretty excited by the reality I’m living…

the Intuitive success & leadership Coach for visionary coaches

•   I get to work with epic and powerful leaders in coaching, creative and other entrepreneurial pursuits. Women who KNOW in their soul that they are here to do big things (hello, we are shifting consciousness!!)
•   I travel the world (often times with my man)! In the past few years I’ve gotten to go to Thailand, Mexico, Bali, Spain, UK… all because I decided to accept nothing less
•   I am the co-founder of an incredible school called The Cannabis Coaching Institute, where I get to bring coaching and transformation to the lives of so many
•   I work with the best mentors in the industry, people who understand both energy and business 
•   I’ve shifted my money beliefs and re-written my story, which allowed me to go from making $2500 in a year to $20k months, doing what my SOUL is here to do
•   I picked up my entire life and moved to Montana so that my partner and I could spend more time in the mountains doing what we love 
•   I’ve set up my business to allow for a ton of free time for creation 

You are here for a reason. The universe (and our souls) conspired to bring us together in this moment.

You see, we’re the same you and I. Visionaries. Leaders. Powerfully intuitive. Freedom seekers. Trusting in the unknown and dancing with delight at this wild journey of life.

 We are the same because we are alive and awake and seeking to rediscover the truth of what we are here to do. To remember exactly what our role is in the shift in consciousness on this planet.

We know and understand universal law, and recognize that we are the conscious creators of our realities, and this knowing drives us passionately towards the creation of massive success, impact, wealth and most importantly the FREEDOM that our soul desires.

I’m so glad we get to walk this journey together and consciously co-create our realities.

But my reality did not always look this way.
I had to decide to create it like this. 

My vision drives what I do

I always knew that I was meant for something more than the average person. That I was a natural leader with wisdom way beyond my years. I didn’t really like to do things in the traditional way, and always found myself in this internal fight between doing things the way I was “supposed to” and following my own internal guidance. 

This lead me all over the map-- from hippie nutrition school in California for a year when I was 19 (I left university to do it), to going back to finish my undergrad, then moving to Mexico for the first time alone where I worked in a call center, to teaching Kindergarten for two years in a low income school.

It was actually teaching that led me to entrepreneurship. The stress of the job was too much to handle and my soul was crying out for me to leave. So I did. And I found myself a few months later as the proud owner of a small beach town cafe. The entrepreneurship bug had bit me and there was no way I could ever go back to working for someone else. As soon as coaching came into my life, I knew I had landed in my soul and the work I was meant to be doing in the world. 

Which brings me full circle back to you.

I’m here because it is my truth, the gift I have been given, to act as a powerful channel for your soul and mirror the truth to you, so you can remember who you truly are. I want you to understand and know in your bones, that you are a powerful creator, and that you can be do and have anything you desire. 

And I know what you’re going through. I know what it feels like to know you are meant for more, and yet feel so stuck and uninspired. I know how frustrating this can be, knowing that you are standing in your own way. 

I also know exactly what happens, when you finally make the decision to become the warrior queen (she is one powerful force to be reckoned with) of your own life, and decide to truly commit to your soul truth and to living the life you are meant for. 

So here is my promise to you. 

I’m committed to showing up in my gifts as a powerful intuitive channel and mirror for your soul. 

I’m committed to speaking the TRUTH that your soul is asking to hear, in each moment, so that you can continue to expand into who you really are. 

I’m committed to shattering your old paradigms that have kept you in limitation and lack, so that you can step into your true role as a visionary leader and have the impact and create the income you desire. 

I’m committed to standing for my values of freedom, power, intuition, aliveness, and leadership, and holding you to yours. 


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client love

“I created $9,000 worth of contracts from 2 conversations, this in only one month of working together!”

I loved working with Niki! I learned so many mindset tricks and techniques that I will continue to use over and over. I recommend working with her 110%! BTW I created $9,000 worth of contracts from 2 conversations, this in only one month of working together!! Thank you Niki!

- Erin Fritts - Mindset Coach -

client love

"Niki is unwavering in her convictions, beautifully intuitive, supportive with full heart and fierce fire, down-to-earth and refreshingly real, and has powerful coaching methods that are invaluable!"

I have gained so much insight about myself, my beliefs and how I'm choosing to be living to be on a higher vibration that I desire. This is shifting who I am within myself and who I'm being in this world, and bringing me to another level in being a masterful coach to be in beautiful service to others. She has helped me to finally realize I can have and be more in my life by shifting my beliefs and thoughts, and stepping into this and doing inner work has been phenomenal and life-changing for me, and it has brought me farther in my personal journey than I ever have been before. 

- Julie Raborn - Holistic Life & Health Coach -

client love

"Niki is a wildly intuitive, high vibe, high serving kind of coach. She lit a fire under me that continues to burn and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to work with her."

I started working with Niki in June and WOW do I feel like a new and improved me! Niki offered unwavering support and insight during my transition/leap from corporate to solopreneur. Everything I had hoped to achieve by working with her happened...and more. I went from being afraid and scripted in my online videos to doing them consistently and from the heart. I went from being unclear in my offering and programs to CLEAR; and her patience as I stumbled was always encouraging and empowering. 

- Stephanie Hess - Business & Mindset Coach -