I'm an Intuitive Success Mentor & Conscious Lifestyle Design Expert for high level coaches and creatives who are are done playing small and are ready to activate their soul truth and step into their purpose work as the visionary leader they know they are! I love supporting women like you in busting through old paradigms so you can quantum leap!



For a very limited time you can access this incredible FREE audio training and discover the exact 5 steps I use with my clients everyday to help them create massive quantum leaps in their business & life! 

In this training you’ll discover how to: 

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-Activate your big vision and tap into your secret desires for your dream life

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CELEBRATING From Stuck At $3k Months To $24,566!!

🎉 🔮I’m celebrating the F*CK out of my client Julie Ohlemacher today (and everyday really)🎉 🔮, because she just shared with me that she has now generated almost $25k since the start of this year as an Intuitive Eating Coach!! And she has only been in business for a year. Like literally a year.

When Julie and I started working together she KNEW she was holding herself back in her business when it came to money… she struggled with her beliefs around receiving money for her services, and frankly her good catholic girl beliefs like “blessed are the poor” and “you have to work REALLYYYYYY hard for money” where holding her back big time.

So we did the damn thing. We dove deep into unraveling her limiting beliefs around money and success and started to activate a new paradigm of ABUNDANCE as the conscious creator of her reality.

Her first month working with me she had her biggest month to date, hitting $7k!! Just by deciding to do the work around mindset, manifestation, and conscious reality creation with me, her income DOUBLED. And it kept going up from there!!! Now Julie is so obsessed with abundance mindset that she teaches her intuitive eating (non-coaches/entrepreneurs) clients about it so that they feel empowered to step into her programs!

Not only did Julie completely change her mindset around money and increase her ability to receive, but she also gained the confidence to bring that element to her work!!! Julie is on track to easily create $35k before the end of this month… meaning she is hanging out at solid $11k plus months… this means her first SIX FIGURE YEAR… and I know she will surpass $100k before the year is over 💸⚡️ Oh yea and she manifested her dream home, is about to buy all new furniture and deco to make her new home office incredibly inspiring AND SHE IS EXCITED TO SPEND THE MONEY because she KNOWS that unleveling her office means her biz will GROW too!! And if you’re ready to massively up level your life & business, tap into the stream of unlimited abundance, then I suggest you apply to work with me 1:1! 💸🔮


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