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Manifesting Love

~ A personal journal entry from February 2015

I want to be with a man who can give me space and who knows when to give me attention. Who encourages me to keep cultivating myself and who wants to create a shared reality with me. This man will also be on a spiritual journey and we will lift each other up as we continue to grow. We will support and encourage each other. They will be open to creating a life that allows us to travel and explore. We will create something together and work on shared visions and ideas…. he wears a crystal on his body and believe in energy and working to raise his vibrations….he encourages me to pursue my goals and dreams daily…

The entry goes on…but the point is that in April 2015 I met manifested my partner and he will tell you he manifested me too.

So much of what I wrote down in my journal about the partner I was seeking was manifested in him, down to the fact that he not only wore a crystal necklace, but makes jewelry!

You are the conscious creator of your reality and you can be, do and have anything that you desire. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to manifest money, more clients, better health, soul-mate love… you can have it if you hold yourself as capable and release the rest to the universe.



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