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The Big Bad Ugly Credit Card Debt Conversation

Well actually, this isn’t what you think…
I’m going to be super transparent. Over the past 4 years I’ve invested $80k plus in mentorship and training to have a business AND life that I love.
And I’ve got about $35k in credit cards that at times can feel like such a burden…like somehow I’ve completely fucked up my life and have committed a terrible crime of all crimes (haha my inner drama queen!)
Today it really hit me… I’m so done with feeling any negative charge around that money I owe.. you want to know why? Because it’s money that…
Money that allowed me to start my entrepreneurial journey when I opened my cafe in Mexico, completely guided by my soul
Money that allowed me to grow my business and support and coach dozens of people by getting the training and support I needed
Money that has allowed me to travel the world— Thailand, Spain, UK, Bali, Mexico, across the US & Canada
Money that has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people ever
And here is some more truth that I realized…
Instead of going to get my masters degree I took a different path and I am so grateful that I did because…
The average student loan debt with a masters degree is $57k with 1 in 4 people owing $100k… and get this… the average income with a masters degree is $77k
So instead of racking up student loan debt and entering into a field that I was probably not going to love anyway, with little room for advancement and a glass ceiling…I took the path of my SOUL!
I’m living my life as the conscious creator of my reality, manifesting and choosing my own destiny…
I’m the co-founder of a growing cannabis coaching school, with over 80 students to do date!
I’ve brought my partner into my business so we can co-create and live out our lives the way we want them to be (instead of following what may feel like a safer path)

I show up to work around something I fucking love, everyday

I get to express my truth and my art daily

And I’m creating and receiving way more than the average masters degree holder (and my undergrad was in sociology so god knows what I’d be doing with a masters degree in that field)

So my point is… I’ve got no regrets! I’m grateful as fuck for all the ways abundance has been extended to me through loans from family and of course credit cards!

I’ve released the shame and it feels amazing

Now I get to happily up-level my belief that I can pay them back quickly and easily and I always have more than enough money of all of my desires!! If you’ve got money on credit cards because you’ve INVESTED in yourself and your business, my biggest hope is that this message finds you and inspires you to reframe how you are looking at those cards

Always remember, you are the conscious creator of your reality and you can be do and have anything you desire!

With endless Love & Gratitude,


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